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Hi! My name is Oli and I am 33 years old interior designer, stylist and founder of Oli Interior Design Studio...with great passion for my job.

Since I was a little girl, I have always had this lovely (and, by some, not understandable) "obsession" for sophisticated spaces and perfection in details, that was manifested in neverending room makeovers, organising of already organized and changing decorations.. until I considered it to be totally perfect... and then again and again :)

The space, that surrounds us, has extremely strong influence on our mood, behaviour and thoughts - more significant than we consciously realize. This is the reason, why is so important to live our everyday lives in a pleasant place.

I would like to allow more people to experience that lovely feeling - relaxing at their perfect home and hearing their visitors and family saying Wow..

So, for clients that don’t reside locally or for those that prefer to implement a design themselves I am thrilled to offer our affordable online interior design service also known as Design plan in the box. I hope you will like it!

And I am looking forward to you all & your new-homes-to-be :)

thank you

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More about me, my life passions, details about makeovers and projects, interior design ideas and some designers "how-to" secrets, that teached us at interior design institute :) - all this you can find in my design blog.

Do you want to see my work? See my design portfolio.


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