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2 Room Apartment Complete Makeover – How It Started..


Today I would like to share with you some pictures and “behind scenes” info about apartment makeover I was working on few months ago.


Interior & Clients

  • Newly bought apartment in really bad shape
  • Nice young couple in their 30s enjoying first home-to-be. They were very afraid of huge makeover but still happy to find apartment for good price and in good location.

So, they called me.. After seeing before photos, I realized that this makeover will be quite challenging :), but on the other hand,  now Im glad to see such  huge difference between before and after pictures.

before photos interior design makeover before photosI told you.. it was really bad, dull and inviting.




First, I “took” all clients request and needs (that could definitely not be covered via old space disposition) and implement it into new floor plan proposal.

floor plan change

  • As you can see, living area is now bigger – wall between living room and kitchen was cancelled – and also brighter due to light coming from two windows instead of one.
  • Through this step we have also got rid of unnecessary space – old corridor leading to kitchen. This area is now much better used as a part of new  bathroom.


.. Here you can see how each  3D visualisation of new interior starts – by modeling clean space which has to be furnished.

And how to furnish? Whole process is based on  very important client style diagnostic.




This lovely couple fortunately likes similar style and wished to have:

  • modern, airy  interior in shades of grey (both loving especially anthracite color)

But.. there were also some different desires specific for each of them:

  • he was insisting on natural materials, wood, “raw”  look, simple, clean lines, design pieces,  while
  • she asked for implementing at least few elegant, bright, cozy and nostalgic elements…


vision board


According all information I have prepared  this first rough proposal – “interior  concept board”. And after approval of both, I started to create their new home..

First, I have designed new living room with kitchen..  (based on this interior dimensions):



design living room 1avdesign living room 5vdesign living room 6vdesign living room 2avdesign living room 3avdesign living room 4av

Click here to see PHOTOGALLERY of pictures in FULL SIZE!


  • New proposal brought some elegance into living area via floor tripod lamp, brass faucet, Tom Dixon inspired white lamp, granite kitchen sink, long curtains – that was enough for “her”,  but acceptable for “him” :D.
  • Actually, I selected all components in more feminine shape (chairs by Charles Eames, sofa with tiny curved legs, ..) to bring a little bit of mid century modern feeling.
  • But in the next step, I grounded it with natural elements and minimalist concept (deserved by “him”) manifested for example in clean 1-piece highgloss backsplash without tilling or one oversized art instead  more small pictures and decorations..


I think this is enough information for one article, isn’t it? Hope you like it and pleeease feel free to comment or/and share with your friends.  Thank you so much!  Oli


P.S.1: Bedroom design will be presented in next post.. HERE  🙂

PS.2:  This 3D design visualisation – proposal of new interior for clients (based on real model of  specific interior with precise dimensions) is now available also as very affordable➜ online service.


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