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Bedroom Makeover – Extra tips for extra tiny interior


This post as well as bedroom makeover is related to 2 Room Apartment Design, so in case you want to have all “whats&whys”, you can read it before (as most of tips and recommendation will be relevant for both rooms in apartment based on same concept..) But let’s start finally :).

Bedroom Before & E-Design summary plan


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Bedroom After – 3D E-Design Proposal

bedroom design bedroom design 2v bedroom design bedroom design

/ Tips & Tricks .. or

“Extra tiny apartment needs extra design strategy”


 1. Lead the Eye Up

This is the easiest and most effective way how to reach the look of higher (and generally bigger) space. That means, go for:

– high cabinets or built-in closets

– hanging a curtain rod from the ceiling

– hanging pendants. (And don’t forget that lighting is there as the accent to each interior design. It is not just function, it shows the form.)


2. Color strategy

Main color should be of course light – e.g. white (and when I say white I mean choice of all its million shades :)) .. BUT  be very careful when designing really dull interior. In such case, avoid white paint on the walls, and choose rather more rich hues of any other color (remember that light warm colors will make interior look more cozy and intimate, while cold light colors with make any space appear bigger.)

Why to avoid white paint on all walls in dark interior? If there is plenty of light – yes, it reflects it all with double pressure and the interior is twice as  bright than with any other color. BUT if there is very  low light in the room – there is almost nothing to be reflected from the white (matt) wall! White colors can end up looking sad and boring.

More about: Shocking true about white and its (in)ability to brighten up a dark interior!

In this bedroom makeover project clients insisted on strict achromatic colors (grey, white, black) , so if I wanted to make them happy, I used a different trick:


3. Surfaces

Of course I have to work with white, but I place it (mostly) to:

high-gloss surfaces:   built-in closet and nightstands in bedroom or cabinets and backsplash in kitchen,

light reflecting surfaces: satin bedding in bedroom or decorative vase in living room, and to

rich structured pieces = soft white fluffy rugs in both rooms.

When designing room in achromatic color scheme  always remember golden rule of each interior designer: “The less color, the more structure”..


4. Invisible task-oriented zones

Extra tip for tiny apartments is to break the rule of task-oriented zones. Usually it is better to divide interior (at least visually)  into specific zones.. but we have to avoid it if we want to create airy space. That doesn’t mean that we are not allowed to use several patterns or wall paintings – we just have to think how to connect everything.

So, when I was designing bedroom with 2 zones – sleeping and “occasionally working (laptop or hand-writing)”  I have solved it by “stretching” table desk (partly) above the nightstand.


5. “Bigger floor area” trick

As simple at is sounds.. Just get rid of everything that breaking and minimizing size of the floor. In bedroom design it is manifested in nightstands and work “table” desk without legs.   (..When you looked on living room proposal, did you mentioned that TV cabinet is also “off” the floor? ..)


6. One simple focal point

In small room there is no place for more that one main theme that will attract your attention and express style statement of the room.  Here, I decided to rely on one wallpaper pattern, and black color which helped to add depth, drama and character – (pendants and Audrey Hepburn oversized poster).



However, I always want to give some bonus to my  clients – and mostly it is alternative design version in photo-realistic picture quality for free although they did not  requested it while ordering –  just to show them two final options directly in their interior, let them “see” where they would feel better and help to choose the right one.

(I have to say I love to do this, because they are always surprised and happy to get alter design and honestly..for me it is not additional hard work as sooo many design possibilities are coming to my mind in creative process anyway :).)


 E-DESIGN VERSION 1 – calm & serene

bedroom design


E-DESIGN VERSION 2 – bold & dramatic

  bedroom design

And that’s it!

As always – big THANK YOU for sharing, commenting, liking – in case you like my design proposals or/and 🙂 you thinks that summary of tips is useful for you or your friends.


Click here to see bedroom PHOTOGALLERY of pictures in FULL SIZE





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