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original bedroom

27 Creative Ideas for Original yet Stylish Bedrooms

It is very easy to create cool and crazy bedroom, and there are plenty of such designs on pinterest. But in my opinion, bedroom is not the right place for experiments as its main purpose is healthy sleep and relax. However, there are still some possibilities to have original and at the same time – very stylish bedroom. I have […]

styling interior

7 Secrets Designers Won’t Tell You about Interior Styling

  But I will! At least the basic principles  which should be followed when planning final look of your home .. and yeeeeees, you can try it right now – every day is the perfect opportunity to add this beautiful magazine-look touch to your home). And you can use it of course  while home staging process when it helps to give a special charm to […]

how to mix colors in interior

How to choose the perfect color palette for your home? The best PRO tips – Part I.

Today, I’ve tried to prepare a  summary of all  basic rules which are used for one of  the most important part of design process – color palette harmonization. (And I promise you can definitely rely on these rules, when you are in color-crisis  struggling with a design dilemmas  – exactly as I do sometimes :)).  If my […]

interior design style

How to find your interior design style?

  Today some small post about style, taste, trends and wishes.  Many people do not actually know what their style is. And it’s totally OK.. Unless they are stylists of course :). The small problem appears, when our future clients asking us to create new interior in absolutely different style as we would guess.. It is not a secret, that in that case, designers […]