how to style a christmas table

How to Style a Christmas Table – Designer TIPS!

25 Beautiful Christmas Table Setting Inspirations

Looking for some original ideas and tips how to style a christmas table?  

There are plenty of tips for DIY christmas decorations and inspirational pictures everywhere these days, but I would like to tell you some specific rules about christmas decorating from the point of designer.  I have chosen these 25 beautiful christmas table settings based on various interior design styles, patterns, colors and themes. Each of them is designed precisely according to the main aim which decorations should add to existed interior.

The most important thing before starting your X-mas styling, is considering the color. Color is the most powerfull and most recognizable feature in all interiors. Therefore we should really pay attention to this point.

When it comes to christmas color palette, you have in fact just few  options:

  • Typical christmas colors – in a sophisticated way!

christmas table setting traditional

It is fantastic option if your interior is calm and serene, designed mainly in white, cream or neutral colors,  because these two strong colors will bring new freshness and real festive feeling.

Choose this option if you need to add instant warmth into your home, but still want to keep light and airy interior. Dont mix too much red and green hues! I like how calm it looks on this picture where the only green color is implemented through a miniature evergreens.

Important! Please, spread colors evenly.

  • Enhance existing hues in your interior

luxurious christmas table

Is your room designed in rich and warm earth colors? Stick to this classy color scheme and play more with different fabrics,  textures and sparkles. If you want to add a hit of glam, use golden tablecloth combined with brown satin.

For a more dramatic effect – use mirror as a stand for your table centerpiece. It will nicely reflect glowing candles and metallic decorations.

  • Add complementary colors to those already existed in your home

beautiful christmas table setting

If you have your living room or dining room in mint, olive green color or with dark green accents, for your christmas table setting try to use its opposite = complementary color (based on the color wheel theory), which is red. I would suggest some sophisticated hue such as burgundy deep red, exactly like it is used for table decoration in this beautiful restaurant.

Try someting similar at your home – you dont need tons of decorations! Combine 2 complementary colors, add one interesting focal point ( e.g. something sculptural like branches in a vase or decorative bucket) and floating candles in elegant small vases or in a bowl as a part of centerpiece.

Tip! Repetition of decorative items – this is called as a “rhythm in interior design”.


Christmas table decorating inspirations in different design styles –  traditional, rustic, french cottage, coastal, natural, modern, elegant, colorful, bold, sparkling, crisp white and  minimalist.


* White on white – for clean yet elegant christmas table design * 

White amarylis is the flower which will fit perfectly into your elegant christmas design!

elegant christmas table

* DIY Mason Jar decoration for christmas table *

original xmas table setting

*  Light blue color and pearls will create coastal christmas feel *

Elegantly lit holiday dinner table with wine glasses and white ribboned gift

* Classy gold accents for luxurious and classy design *

elegant xmas table setting

* Gold themed place settings *

golden christmas table setting

* Romantic christmas setting decoration *

Glitter and gold calmed by white and light rose color and very feminine polka dot pattern. 

christmas table

* Original place cards attached to gilded pinecones *

christmas table setting

* Traditional style of christmas table in shades of gold *

xmas table setting

* French country christmas table setting *

french country christmas table

* Country cottage design with cute animal name card holder *
christmas table deco

* Modern christmas table designed for kids *

christmas table setting kids

* Red – white – grey color palette for christmas *

Neutral grey will add a new dimension to classic white-red christmas combination. 

Tip! Always consider the color of a background and try to create contrast by alternating of colors (grey on bottom, then white bowl and red on the top)

red and white christmas table

* Romantic pattern for feminine look of your christmas table *

original christmas table

* Awesome idea for christmas napkin styling *

xmas table decorations

* Christmas table centerpiece –  glass vase decor idea *

red and white xmas table

* DIY Mason Jar decorating idea for your christmas table *

xmas table decor

* Elegant christmas table setting in vintage interior *

rustic christmas table setting

* Christmas table with white flower arrangement, metallic decorations and plenty of glowing candles *

xmas table

* Simple yet beautiful natural decoration for christmas *

xmas table decoration

* Bring more nature to your festive home! *

rustic xmas table

* Wood slices, pines and deer motif – christmas in farmhouse chic style *

traditional christmas table

* Modern christmas table setting in scandinavian interior *

modern christmas table
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Thank you and wish you a very merry christmas!


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