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Marsala – color of the year – inspirational interiors & TIPS!

Pantone, color expert and  the leading authority  on hues used in paint, fabrics and manufacturing, announced their Color of the Year – Marsala. A hearty tone with a bit of sophistication.

Vintage yet stylish..

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If it reminds you of wine, exotic spice and marsala chicken, you are almost there. Color has been described as “naturally robust and earthy wine red”.

marsala how to combine

This deep and grounded-statement color is predicted as a top trend  in world of fashion, beauty, industrial design, interior design and home furnishings… or in one sentence – the single hue that the design world will go nuts about for the next 12 months.

For interior design Marsala will prove “complex and full bodied without overpowering” and has the ability to unify interior spaces by adding elegance through paint and accessories.

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Did you know that Marsala was inspired by Sicilian red desert wine from Marsala region?

I still can’t believe I was there few months ago  – without even knowing how close I am to inspirational place of Pantone trend-setters! 😀 I am laughing and I am impressed at the same time. (Btw. my husband just doesn’t understand… :)).

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..sorry, this definitely is not my best photo, but at least I was dressed close to Marsala tones..

But back to interior design.





This deep tasteful hue suits both feminine and masculine design scheme and can enrich traditional..

how to create color palette in interior as well as modern interior.

marsala-accent-wall (1)e.g. here we can see iconic “butterfly” chair in front of the accent marsala wall

The key things that will change interior with base Marsala color into masculine or feminine, are shapes, additional colors and finishes. In feminine interior, I recommend to:

– brighten walls using gold, brass or silver (mirror frames, metallic wallpaper, etc.)

– soften final look of interior using  at least 3 tints of marsala base,  (tint or pastel is any color into which certain amount of  white is added.. in this case e.g. 20%, 40%, 60%). Room will appear more youthful and soothing.

For masculine design, try to use more clean lines, simple color palette and lower amount of textures.



interior design and marsala

Rich characteristics of this deep color with brown-red roots  are enhanced when the color is applied to textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for cushions, rugs or upholstered furniture.

I love especially velvet material for such deep colors  and this is not limited only for pillows but can make a huge (fabric) statement also on the wall – I use sometimes  “vlies” wallpapers with soft fabric finish.



Do you want to create huge statement..

interior design entry marsala

 or just a little contrasted (and easier to be changed) accent in a balanced  design scheme?

interior design living room  marsala



Color of the year offers a richness that works well with other colors, particularly grey. Each color compliments the other beautifully. It works best because grey (with dark blue/green inside) is its complementary color lying on the opposite of color wheel – so it is complementary color palette.  This palette makes your place look more sophisticated and vibrant.

In case your aim is to create calming and serene place using marsala, I would recommend balanced color palette – combine it  only with neighboring colors (warm yellow, orange, red or brownish hues).

interior design and marsala




Always think about its positioning.  The best rooms for dark rich  colors are those that are north facing  working with the lack of light to create a sophisticated yet cosy atmosphere. Don’t forget to work with artificial lightning in these rooms –  for marsala paint choose the  wall which is directly exposed to artificial light – e.g. wall behind bed. Btw. bathrooms are great choice for this lovely color, too.

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marsala accessories




..and last but not least..  Marsala interiors inspiration for almost each design style..

marsala in provence design

interior design living room  marsala

interior design living room  marsala

marsala in interior

marsala in interior design


marsala in scandinavian design

kittchen traditional design

marsala in rustic living room



marsala color




 Hope you liked selection of inspirational interiors and design tips will be helpful when designing your homes with trendy Marsala.  If yes, please like or share this post.

Thank yooou! Oli

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