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Christmas – Style it in 18 different interior designs!

X-mas Survey results – Which  style do we like the most? Few days ago on my fb page I asked my friends for quick participation in “the best Christmas styling”  survey.. And here are the results..  What would you say.. what is the most favorite design style? Traditional or modern one? No. 1 Eclectic design style full of Christmas mood I […]

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Styling tips – Sophisticated Gift Wrapping & Festive Decorations

Each  interior is 100% completed only when everything that will be used in it, is “implemented” and taken into consideration. Therefore it is so important to take care about small details which are not main part of interior design but have a huge impact on its final look. Mostly, these “small BAD details” are dishes (e.g. each […]

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How to choose the perfect color palette for your home? The best PRO tips – Part I.

Today, I’ve tried to prepare a  summary of all  basic rules which are used for one of  the most important part of design process – color palette harmonization. (And I promise you can definitely rely on these rules, when you are in color-crisis  struggling with a design dilemmas  – exactly as I do sometimes :)).  If my […]

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How to find your interior design style?

  Today some small post about style, taste, trends and wishes.  Many people do not actually know what their style is. And it’s totally OK.. Unless they are stylists of course :). The small problem appears, when our future clients asking us to create new interior in absolutely different style as we would guess.. It is not a secret, that in that case, designers […]

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This reception makeover is linked with the change of director’s office space. Please before scrolling through BEFORE&AFTER pictures, look at description of whole design project in this article.  (..or later – it is up to you  :)).    RECEPTION PROPOSAL – WHAT & WHY LIGHT IT UP with very soft white-to-sea shell wall color light wood flooring […]

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from stodgy to modern and inviting  „wooden & fresh “   Last month I was asked to help my client Lisa with  her new office space.  As the office is linked with the reception room, small  advice suddenly turned into a huge makeover.. Request for new  interior was quite challenging: „calm enviroment, nature feeling, earth colours, clean&soothing, […]