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Terms and conditions

Important information

When placing an order with OLI Interior Design Online Services, you agree that any and all information provided is accurate and complete.

In the event that you have a space that is a combination-use room (for example, living room + kitchen area in open space, or family room + basement with multi-use}, each designated space with it's own function, should be deemed as one room. Payment will be for 1,5 – 2 rooms – depending on the whole size and further agreement between OLI Interior Design and client (before the project starts).

Floor plans must be complete with all actual furniture and reasonable items illustrated. (Early stage construction or rooms with incomplete measurements can not be used.)

OLI Interior Design reserves the right to use your room Vision Design Board (1 picture of whole room vision in limited size) in order to display interior design proposals of clients in various styles. We do not share product resources, shopping list, styling board, floor plan , personalized styling tips or designer recommendation related to your place.

Due to the nature of Design Services, all Design Services are non-refundable. Designing your interiour takes many hours of planning, research, floor plan optimization and creative work that cannot be taken back once started. However, we do our best for full satisfaction of our clients – in terms of alternative product ideas or design variants recommendation etc. This is valid in case, that client is able to cooperate and replying via email by return - if such specific situation will arise.

The designs OLI Interior Design provides are intended as a recommendation only. We will provide details of where to buy all our recommendations but cannot be held responsible for changes in price, stock issues and accuracy of this information. It is up to every customer to then act on these ideas and decorate their home. Customers can request further help with these purchases from us then any time later and will be charged accordingly.

If your order has not been accepted, you will receive an email from us telling you the reasons why.

OLI Interior Design reserves the right to cancel orders and refund the client should the need/event arise.


OLI Interior Design accepts payments via bank transfer or via Pay Pal only. All payments will be processed by Pay Pal ecommerce systems. All payments must be received before we start to work on design project.


Whole design pack will be delivered on your email within 14 days of receiving payment and all requested input information in the correct form according to specification in the first email from us.

Cancelling an Order

​If you have placed an order with OLI Interior Design but then wish to change or cancel it, please contact us as soon as you can. To cancel an order you must inform us via email before your payment. Once we have received your payment and your input information, cancellation is not possible, as the work on your specific project is already in process.